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Natural Fertility

Wanting to have a child and not being able to can be extremely frustrating and depressing and can cause pain, anxiety and relationship stress. The causes of infertility are complex and vary greatly from couple to couple. It is a rising problem in today’s society and is often a sign that something is not right inside the body and needs to be brought back to balance.

With the use of individually prescribed herbal remedies and educating you to understand and chart your menstrual cycle, I can help you towards conceiving naturally through:


  • Strengthening and balancing the female menstrual cycle

  • Establishing normal hormone functions

  • Improving sperm quality, quantity and production

  • Reducing stress and relaxing the nervous system


I can also help you to understand and overcome:


  • Toxicity in the home, past environment and workplace

  • Fear of birth

  • Fear of being a parent


I offer you support throughout your pregnancy, physically and emotionally, and provide safe remedies to help during and after the birth of your precious new little person.

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