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Consultations with Bronwyn Shaunessy

What is Involved?

First: In your initial consultation, your personal health history is taken and a list of any medications that you may currently be taking. Blood tests, scans, X-rays and any reports of present conditions can also be very helpful if available.

Then: Your individual health picture is developed, taking into account present lifestyle and family situations, stress factors at work or home, and diet. This can take up to an hour as I am committed to listening to you and spending the time to understand the complexities of your particular health issues and concerns.

Together we work out your individual treatment protocol. This could include a herbal tincture compound, herbal tablets, herbal teas, vitamins and minerals, and flower essences. You may also receive strategies to help deal with challenging situations, including ways to start changing unhelpful behaviour patterns, or techniques for emotional releasing. Your unique herbal prescription will then be prepared for you in our dispensary and you will leave with the medicines you need to begin your healing.

bronwyn shaunessy consultation

At the end of the first consultation you will feel more confident about the future management of your condition(s) and will have a greater understanding of how your body is currently functioning, and what improvement you should expect. I will help you develop some strategies to assist in managing your condition(s) and you will feel safe and supported.

Follow-up Consultations

In follow-up consultations your progress is monitored and treatment adjustments may be made. The aim is to improve your condition so that you do not need to be continually taking herbal medicines. Some conditions are simple while others can be more complex, so the length of the treatment can vary greatly.


Ongoing emotional support and lifestyle advice will continue.


Phone and Zoom Consultations

If you are unable to come to our clinic for your appointment for any reasons, you can arrange a phone or Zoom consultation.


Any medicines you may need can then be prepared and posted to you. Payment will be by direct bank transfer or credit card over the phone.

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